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Polygraph Myths

Unfortunately, there is more mis-information floating around about Polygraph than there is good solid information you can depend on. What follows are a few of the more common myths about Polygraph.

Myth 1 - The polygraph is no good because it is not admissible in court, right?

This is the most used excuse for not taking a polygraph examination. The fact of the matter is that it is used in court in certain situations.

Additionally, why do all federal agencies including the FBI, Secret Service, DEA, and CIA, and most law enforcement agencies use polygraph testing on a regular basis if it is no good?

Myth 2 - If you are nervous you will fail the polygraph test.

Being nervous is common. If a person is not nervous when they take a polygraph test then that is unusual. Being nervous doesn’t cause a person to fail a polygraph test, lying does.

Myth 3 - I had a friend take a polygraph test and he failed it even though he was telling the truth.

The examinee who tells me this when they are sitting in my office is really telling me that he/she is getting ready to fail the test. If you are telling the truth the chances of failing a polygraph examination are very slim.

Myth 4 · I thought the examination would only take about 10 minutes.

That is in Hollywood and on TV talk shows, which is about entertainment. A real polygraph examination will take anywhere between 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours under normal circumstances.

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